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sure why not….. but first a pic I saw some halos at work the other day 🙂 so moving forward I plan on bringing back the comic series GABIE which I was doing every sunday starting in feburary so look out for that. as of right now the comic series survivor by TheTNTStudios is on hold, I have sent them message asking if there will be more?? so when I know you will know. if you know of anyone making comics about gaming or halo let me know I like showcasing what other people are creating on this here blog. as of right now I will try to figure out something for tuesdays. other than that I plan on releasing […]

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A Grif Cannon and A Grif Cannon Game

THE GRIF CANNON!!!! History lesson first “Fans of Red vs Blue may remember Sarge’s brilliant plan to assault a heavily defended enemy base: Using spare parts from the Warthog, the Red team would construct a “Grif Cannon” and blow a Grif-shaped hole in the outer wall” – CruelLEGACEY OK I saw this and absolutely fell in love with the idea that you could shoot a “Spartan” projectile out off a cannon!!!! My 2nd thought was THIS COULD BE A GAME!! Yes, yes it could be a game How? By modifying the rules of a stockpile game perhaps just like Boanerges did for Skee Ball in Halo: Reach so I went to work and this is what I came up with […]

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The Grif Cannon 2.0

so after seeing The Grif Cannon made by CruelLEGACEY gears started turning in my head. I liked the idea so much, I decided to build my very own Grif Cannon with a custom game to go with it too 🙂

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Interrogation of CruelLEGACEY

The Interrogation of Nevin Douglas, A.K.A. CruelLEGACEY The creator of Ah, yes people. It may have taken us a few months, but we finally ran our second Heretic into the ground with our trusty Warthog, Betty. I have to say, we’re pretty proud of ourselves with this hunt as Nevin didn’t even see it coming. We had him knocked down and tied up before he could say WORT?! The subsequent Needling and threats of… well, we’ll leave that part out, yielded a big fat juicy confession that was definitely worth the time it took us to track and capture this wily fellow. If you wish to know what kind of information we obtained from this one you’ll just have […]

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Noble 6 Avatar helmet contest

Contests! Contests! Contests! Guess what people! We have codes! And not just any codes. These are special Avatar codes, sent to us direct from bs angel herself. I know! Crazy awesome, right? So what exactly are these codes you might ask? Well, have you ever envisioned your Avatar wearing Noble 6’s helmet? Because we have. In our possession are 3 codes that could make you and two other people sole owners of a Noble 6 Avatar helmet. This is something you can’t get anywhere else. No amount of achievements will unlock these babies. So if you want one, you’re going to have to win it! Read on for additional Contest details. Contest Categories *Halo Reach Forge *Halo Reach Machinima *Halo […]

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Interrogation of Slashprofilms

The Interrogations of Brandon Gilbert, Creator of Slashprofilms and Slash Productions, & Partner in Crime Mario Santantonio…AKA: THE RED GUY Well, people after a careful skewering, a few days on the rack, and one intense moment, (that involved the threatened use of hot coals) we finally have it. Our very first confessions… Alright, so we’re exaggerating, slightly. Who knew all it would take was pulling out a pair of rusty pliers to convince Brandon to talk? And the other one, ha! Don’t get me started… I know; you’re probably sitting there right now, thinking, what did they do to those poor guys? Nothing! I’m serious! We just asked a few questions. Huh, still don’t believe us do you? Just look […]

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follow me

so yeah finally broke down and got twitter you can follow me <<<< by clicking there, for haloside and spartan-man updates 🙂

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I Challenge thee!!!!

So Bungie’s weekly and daily challenges are fun but you crave more!!!! I know you do. So I decided to make my own challenges and a page dedicated to that so go and check it out NOW…. GO….GET….. look to your right a click on challenges.. :p MASSAIKUR

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Some minor updates

Pages menu has been updated so you can choose between “old” haloside 001 – 021 and new haloside 022 and beyond!! We also started a new comic haloshots which is more or less just one liners that do not fit the haloside format. New haloside Monday so till then keep on killing covy 🙂 -MASSAIKUR