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Halo 4: Castle Map Pack Trailer

343 Industries announced the third major expansion in the Halo Infinity Multiplayer experience, the Castle Map Pack, launching Monday, April 8. Developed by Certain Affinity, in collaboration with 343 Industries, the Castle Map Pack brings players three medium-to-large, stunning maps that emphasize vehicular warfare and large battles over open spaces, where team strategy is key to successfully conquering the battlefield. […]

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Halo 4 map – Longbow

NAME: LONGBOW LOCATION: Northern regions of the planet Concord. DESCRIPTION: Located in the northern polar region of the planet Concord, the frigid climate and unique gravitational conditions provide an optimal perch for Longbow Station’s channel-based mass drivers. Before the Covenant War, the UEG launched deep space monitoring relays from here in an effort to study far-flung star systems. got my […]

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Excite Goose Track 002

Finally an official release of this awesome race track Excite Goose Track 002!! you may remember this track being on The Last Forger Standing well since then I updated the kill boundaries and fixed some of the timing of the explosions but other than that the track is still the same beast. check out the preview below showing different routes […]

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A Grif Cannon and A Grif Cannon Game

THE GRIF CANNON!!!! History lesson first “Fans of Red vs Blue may remember Sarge’s brilliant plan to assault a heavily defended enemy base: Using spare parts from the Warthog, the Red team would construct a “Grif Cannon” and blow a Grif-shaped hole in the outer wall” – CruelLEGACEY OK I saw this and absolutely fell in love with the idea […]

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Excite Goose Track 001

It’s been awhile but I took the time to make a new map, EXCITE GOOSE!!!! yeah it’s a race track if you haven’t guessed already it’s my first attempt making a race track map so I was like I HAVE to pay tribute to my all time favorite racing game excite bike on the nes. I posted it up at […]

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Halo: Reach – Behind the Scenes Defiant Map Pack

Halo Waypoint brings you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the development of Defiant Multiplayer Map Pack for Halo: Reach. This video showcases the joint partnership of 343 Industries and Certain Affinity in the design and creation of these exciting new maps, from their earliest iterations to the brilliantly polished experiences fans are soon to enjoy.

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Don’t be scared of the water it has grenades in it. supports 4-16 players This is my first official map HYDROPHOBIA made with halo reach’s forge tool. HYDROPHOBIA supports all team games and free for all games I think i might of missed a few… lol but it should be good for slayer, ctf, swat, zombies etc… the game types […]