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A much needed update..

It has been a long… looong time since I have done anything on and or with this site, with that being stated. This update will let you know where this fan site is headed in the year… years to come. Smileanddealwithit will be “evolving” instead of just focusing on just Halo alone I will also be adding destiny content as […]

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Longhorn: Chapter II

After Marcus, along with his newfound friend (Jackson) and AI (Chorus), are left stranded in the vegetation district of Longhorn City, they make a desperate attempt to dodge the danger thrown at them. Longhorn: Chapter II

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Longhorn: Chapter I

After the highly-infectious Condor Virus lands all over Longhorn City, an Agent (Marcus) of the Vital Intelligence Security Agency (VISA) is stranded in the city with his AI, CHORUS (Connective Harmonic Occupant Respondent Unit Sensor) Longhorn: Chapter I