Citadel High – Pilot S1 E1

Our story begins with Terry Cooper and the troubles he must face as he starts his first day in High School. Who ever said these were the best 4 years of your life obviously has never attended High School.

Citadel High – Pilot S1 E1

Arby n’ The Chief #1 Jeux de mot

Arby n’ The Chief #1 Jeux de mot by seg0lene

Translation below if needed:]

-Arbiter, since the time we now know I noticed something.
-What, Spartan?
-What’s your name?
-You do not know my name John?

-I do not know whether it is wise that I finally say …
-Why? It annoys me, really. I thought we were friends and war comrades, brothers.
-That’s right.
-And you do not want to tell me your Sangheili name?
-I always avoided to say it face to humans.

-To avoid doubtful game words …
-Haha! But this is ridiculous.
-All the same, especially with me: as if I was fond of humor.
-This is not wrong. And then after all that has been through together, I can trust you.
-Thank you, I’m flattered.

-My name is Thel ‘Vadam.
-Thel ‘Vadam, it’s pretty nice.
-Thank you.

-Pff Pfff Pffff

-Hey Arbiter, do you pass me your phone number? Wait I’ll call you: Hello!