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Machinima 0

Longhorn: Chapter II

After Marcus, along with his newfound friend (Jackson) and AI (Chorus), are left stranded in the vegetation district of Longhorn City, they make a desperate attempt to dodge the danger thrown at them. Longhorn: Chapter II

Machinima 0

Medusa: Powers of Arcane

Medusa is a powerful empire. The war is over…partly because of Benjamin Jones. He has helped keep Medusa safe with his inventions, and these inventions have protected all of the galaxy for years. Now, he wants to push the boundaries. He wants to go further. He wants to master the Powers of Arcane.   Medusa: Powers of Arcane

Machinima 0

The Traitor

Calvin and his Companion Alex, destroy a rig that turns out to be a cyborg factory that the military is building for their army. Alex is killed in the process while Calvin is accused of being a traitor and watches his friend die at his feet in joy.   The Traitor

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PROJECT Middleground and PROJECT Underworld

this epic action-drama film following a man and his experiences of a new world called Middleground, a place where you can make anything from imagination by transporting one’s self there in a man-made dream-like state. Middleground is used to help negotiate peace between enemies and to further science in ways impossible to do elsewhere. Plagued by odd dreams of Middleground, […]

Machinima 0

|Spy-1| Ep. 3

Follow Spy-1, the number one spy, as he attempts to track down his girlfriend’s killers. But an even greater threat is stirring in the dark, who or what is it? Find out on this crazy ride! |Spy-1| Ep. 3

Machinima 0


230 years have past since the Earth’s freezing. With the surface frozen, humanity has stayed underground for generations until two teenager’s curiosity kicks in control