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Machinima 0

|Spy-1| Ep. 3

Follow Spy-1, the number one spy, as he attempts to track down his girlfriend’s killers. But an even greater threat is stirring in the dark, who or what is it? Find out on this crazy ride! |Spy-1| Ep. 3

Machinima 0


230 years have past since the Earth’s freezing. With the surface frozen, humanity has stayed underground for generations until two teenager’s curiosity kicks in control

Machinima 0

The End of Days Ep. 2

Another World War has led to radioactive fallout and the average human can become an uncontrollable mutant by making contact with this radiation. Follow the story of Nick, a bandit in the apocalypse who’s task is to join an innocent group held up in a Hospital, so that he can take the supplies once he’s earned their trust. But their are some bigger problems forming in Jasper City.. The End of Days Ep. 2

Machinima 0

The End of Days Ep. 1

After an all out nuclear war, the radiation the bombs created turned the average human into a flesh eating mutant. Nobody really knows what’s going on yet, it’s only been a few months since it happened. Follow Nick on his journey through the post-apoctalyptic world where it takes the toughest decisions to survive. The End of Days Ep. 1