Longhorn: Chapter I

After the highly-infectious Condor Virus lands all over Longhorn City, an Agent (Marcus) of the Vital Intelligence Security Agency (VISA) is stranded in the city with his AI, CHORUS (Connective Harmonic Occupant Respondent Unit Sensor)

Longhorn: Chapter I

PROJECT Middleground and PROJECT Underworld

this epic action-drama film following a man and his experiences of a new world called Middleground, a place where you can make anything from imagination by transporting one’s self there in a man-made dream-like state. Middleground is used to help negotiate peace between enemies and to further science in ways impossible to do elsewhere. Plagued by odd dreams of Middleground, one of its discoverers seeks to find out the cause behind them and finds out that humanity weren’t the only ones to come across this wonderous world.

PROJECT Middleground

Four years after Project Middleground, a new team is investigating the mysterious realm which can be seen through dreams of those who have connected to Middleground. However, they are not alone in Middleground, as many others are fighting for access as well.

PROJECT Underworld


One of the deadliest mercenaries in the galaxy, Victor Blade, codenamed Venom, has been assigned to kill a high valued target from the political world. Its not just money that is at stake here but also his life and the life of his partner. This mercenary will do anything to complete his mission….. but at the what cost?


The End of Days Ep. 2

Another World War has led to radioactive fallout and the average human can become an uncontrollable mutant by making contact with this radiation. Follow the story of Nick, a bandit in the apocalypse who’s task is to join an innocent group held up in a Hospital, so that he can take the supplies once he’s earned their trust. But their are some bigger problems forming in Jasper City..

The End of Days Ep. 2