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Machinima 0

PROJECT Middleground and PROJECT Underworld

this epic action-drama film following a man and his experiences of a new world called Middleground, a place where you can make anything from imagination by transporting one’s self there in a man-made dream-like state. Middleground is used to help negotiate peace between enemies and to further science in ways impossible to do elsewhere. Plagued by odd dreams of Middleground, […]

Machinima 0

|Spy-1| Ep. 3

Follow Spy-1, the number one spy, as he attempts to track down his girlfriend’s killers. But an even greater threat is stirring in the dark, who or what is it? Find out on this crazy ride! |Spy-1| Ep. 3

Machinima 0


First Lieutenant William Sanderson. The last one left aboard the S.S. Littlefoot. The ship has taken damage since the population evacuated. What caused them to evacuate? Who is left aboard? Has there been a breach? BREACH

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Two young Humans embark on a new exciting journey which they never expected. A new world, a new society and a new adventure awaits their arrival… This is their story. Guardian

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2154, dans la ville de la Nouvelle-Andorre, où mensonge, lâcheté et trahison forment un cocktail explosif, Tess, citoyenne naïve, doit faire équipe avec l’un des fervents défenseurs de ce monde fasciste dans l’espoir d’apporter un peu de lumière dans ce monde assombri par le Big Brother 2154

Machinima 0

The Noble Goal

A Medical Officer called Felix has a very strong belief about a Noble Team Member still alive somewhere on Reach. He wants to complete his goal and goes down to Reach to see what he can find… He finds pretty funny Characters and an epic adventure! The Noble Goal