Destiny 2 – 5 Things You Didn’t See On The Livestream

Hollie chats to Deej about some of the things you didn’t see on the Destiny 2 livestream. I found this video to be very interesting and informative, especially when Deej talks about why the farm is a social space.


SOOOOO how was your weekend?

MINE! sucked! lets start with friday night power goes out…. Great! power does not come back till Saturday around 2:30pm so now I’m HAPPY!! but wait no internet??? CRAP!!!
so I can’t make a Haloside 😦 what to do??? I know I’ll run to my local Best-buy and get a Dazzle (random I Know) and try making my first machinima. So Sunday is spent working on machinima yelling at the computer buying a new keyboard etc… also still no internet. Ok now it’s Monday 1:10pm just got internet back and writing why there was no Haloside this past Sunday and to make up for it I give what is below this writing enjoy!!!

No Spartan-Man this month

There will not be a Spartan-Man comic this month due to the fact that when paranoia and myself saw the trailer for the new map pack we saw some locals that would fit perfectly for the story we had written so when the map pack releases spartan-man 3&4 will be following suit 🙂 haven’t read Spartan-Man yet??? check him out Spartan-Man