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Bungie the makers of the haloz are celebrating their 20th anniversary by letting you rock the blue flames like their employees do. Cool how does i getz teh blue flames now?? Easy If you have an iphone download the bungie app it’s free BUNGIE MOBILE APP Or if you are like me (no iphone :[ ) you can still get […]

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I Challenge thee!!!!

So Bungie’s weekly and daily challenges are fun but you crave more!!!! I know you do. So I decided to make my own challenges and a page dedicated to that so go and check it out NOW…. GO….GET….. look to your right a click on challenges.. :p MASSAIKUR

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Don’t be scared of the water it has grenades in it. supports 4-16 players This is my first official map HYDROPHOBIA made with halo reach’s forge tool. HYDROPHOBIA supports all team games and free for all games I think i might of missed a few… lol but it should be good for slayer, ctf, swat, zombies etc… the game types […]