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Haloside 0

Haloside 049

A Haloside double comic??? Yeah well these were ideas we had for haloside 050 before we decided to make Haloside 050 a Machinima 🙂 The first comic is by PAraNoia817 The second comic is by me…… MASSAIKUR

contest 2

Noble 6 Avatar helmet contest

Contests! Contests! Contests! Guess what people! We have codes! And not just any codes. These are special Avatar codes, sent to us direct from bs angel herself. I know! Crazy awesome, right? So what exactly are these codes you might ask? Well, have you ever envisioned your Avatar wearing Noble 6’s helmet? Because we have. In our possession are 3 codes that could make you and two other people sole owners of a Noble 6 Avatar helmet. This is something you can’t get anywhere else. No amount of achievements will unlock these babies. So if you want one, you’re going to have to win it! Read on for additional Contest details. Contest Categories *Halo Reach Forge *Halo Reach Machinima *Halo […]