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Halo: Anniversary Terminals Sneak Peak

on November 15th when your are playing Halo: Anniversary Edition your going to find yourself looking for “easter eggs” and or TERMINALS!!!! well in Halo: Anniversary Edition the terminals will be showing you parts of a story told by 343 guilty spark through out the game below is an example of what you can expect find out more info at […]

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Halo Reach: DBZ

As you people know I’m a big fan of Slashprofilms… but before they were known as Slashprofilms they were 5LA5HPR0DUCTION5 and they made a dbz parody that I absolutely loved so I decided to make a remake of that parody MY REMAKE THE ORINGINAL Brandon make part 2 already!!!!!!! I’m tired of waiting lol and I quote— “Hey im very […]