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Tag: slashprofilms

Machinima 0

Experiment 7

A Detective of the Central City Police Department is captured and forced to become a part of an Evil Generals plans to restart the Spartan Program of the UNSC. Watch as Detective John Price takes on General Wallace and does everyting he can to stop his plans. experiment 7 by slashprofilms

Interrogation 1

Interrogation of Slashprofilms

The Interrogations of Brandon Gilbert, Creator of Slashprofilms and Slash Productions, & Partner in Crime Mario Santantonio…AKA: THE RED GUY Well, people after a careful skewering, a few days on the rack, and one intense moment, (that involved the threatened use of hot coals) we finally have it. Our very first confessions… Alright, so we’re exaggerating, slightly. Who knew all […]