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Category: Interrogation

Interrogation 5

The Interrogation of Petetheduck

The Interrogation of Petetheduck Creator of Last Forger Standing, The Flaming Ninja Challenge And Forge With Pete I have to say editing all these interviews does make a Spartan a bit peckish at times. So I did what any good Spartan would do and sent Massaikur out for some munchies. (Note to Self: Do not send brother on anymore food errands). Needless to say, about three hours later I have a live duck sitting on my kitchen counter. At this point though I am pretty ravenous so I guess I’ll eat just about anything, live duck included. Correction: live talking duck. Ok, so being the cold heartless souls everyone thinks we are. Massaikur and I decide to give this feathered […]

Interrogation 1

The Interrogation of Leviathan

The Interrogation of Levi Hoffmeier; AKA Leviathan And Creator of Fistful of Arrows …………………………The following scenes have been deleted due to their graphic nature and content……… LOL, Just joking! Really people you know by now that these interviews are completely painless. So read on and enjoy…..Hey, Massaikur! Don’t forget that spot over there! Oh, Bleep the Bleeping recorder is still on. BLEEP! 1. Levi can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a 24-year-old freelance illustrator trying to make a living off of his art. I graduated college a year and a half ago, and I’m looking for a steady job with a game studio or a comic book publisher. I’m interested in mediums where I can […]

Interrogation 1

The Interrogation of Nak3d Eli

The Interrogation of George Norberg; AKA Nak3d Eli And Creator of the YouTube Channel: Nak3dHalo Hmmm, let’s see here. Where to begin? I mean everything happened so fast it was like…Whoa! Well, I guess the beginning is as good a place to start as any other. You see, Massaikur and I were doing this exceedingly boring, yet, necessary task called Inventory. And to make things a bit more interesting we decided that testing the equipment would help, you know, complete the inventory list. Sooo as we were innocently minding our own business, testing our weaponry, we suddenly run into this Heretic! Errr, I mean this Heretic runs into us? Whatever! I mean he was, dare I say it…Nak3d! Hee,hee,hee, Nak3d […]

Interrogation 1

The Interrogation of Deep Cee

The Interrogation of Deep Cee; Spirits of Fire Clan Member And Creator of ODS Steve Our plan of attack was perfect. The trap was set. The bait was baited. We were in position for the ambush. All we needed to do was wait…and wait…and wait some more. And finally after weeks of surveillance the Heretic made his appearance. Drawn in by the sweet allure of…Orange Juice!!! Ha ha! Joking! We flattened Deep Cee with one of those large soccer balls and threatened him with a golf club…uh, I mean… We had a nice conversation where Deep Cee just happened to confess some stuff??? Yeah, so if you really would like to know what transpired in that “conversation” just take a […]

Interrogation 4

Interrogation of CruelLEGACEY

The Interrogation of Nevin Douglas, A.K.A. CruelLEGACEY The creator of Ah, yes people. It may have taken us a few months, but we finally ran our second Heretic into the ground with our trusty Warthog, Betty. I have to say, we’re pretty proud of ourselves with this hunt as Nevin didn’t even see it coming. We had him knocked down and tied up before he could say WORT?! The subsequent Needling and threats of… well, we’ll leave that part out, yielded a big fat juicy confession that was definitely worth the time it took us to track and capture this wily fellow. If you wish to know what kind of information we obtained from this one you’ll just have […]

Interrogation 1

Interrogation of Slashprofilms

The Interrogations of Brandon Gilbert, Creator of Slashprofilms and Slash Productions, & Partner in Crime Mario Santantonio…AKA: THE RED GUY Well, people after a careful skewering, a few days on the rack, and one intense moment, (that involved the threatened use of hot coals) we finally have it. Our very first confessions… Alright, so we’re exaggerating, slightly. Who knew all it would take was pulling out a pair of rusty pliers to convince Brandon to talk? And the other one, ha! Don’t get me started… I know; you’re probably sitting there right now, thinking, what did they do to those poor guys? Nothing! I’m serious! We just asked a few questions. Huh, still don’t believe us do you? Just look […]