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Halo 4 Secret LASO Code – 50,000 XP!

Looks like we’re not done with Halo 4 Codes just yet! The new secret LASO code unlocks 50,000 XP and a sweet LASO emblem that mimics the Legendary Campaign icon. The catch: you must complete the Halo 4 Campaign on LASO difficulty (Legendary All Skulls On) to use the code! I’ll have some speedrun guides up in the coming weeks. Halo 4 Secret LASO Code – 50,000 XP!

Interrogation 4

Interrogation of CruelLEGACEY

The Interrogation of Nevin Douglas, A.K.A. CruelLEGACEY The creator of Ah, yes people. It may have taken us a few months, but we finally ran our second Heretic into the ground with our trusty Warthog, Betty. I have to say, we’re pretty proud of ourselves with this hunt as Nevin didn’t even see it coming. We had him knocked down and tied up before he could say WORT?! The subsequent Needling and threats of… well, we’ll leave that part out, yielded a big fat juicy confession that was definitely worth the time it took us to track and capture this wily fellow. If you wish to know what kind of information we obtained from this one you’ll just have […]