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Halo 4 “Able Spartan” & “Flying Colors” Code – 25,000 XP!

The third Halo 4 Spartan Assault Waypoint code has been discovered! “Able Spartan” requires the “Powered by MJOLNIR” achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault to unlock. As a bonus, if you’ve unlocked the other 2 Spartan Assault codes already, then the “Flying Colors” code will unlock, granting you 10,000 more XP, concept art, and the new boot Emblem! Halo 4 “Able […]

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Halo 4 Rebirth Code – 50,000 XP!

Yet another secret Waypoint code for Halo 4! This one nabs you 50,000 free XP, no strings attached, AND it unlocks an extended version of the “Rebirth” video for Greg Bear’s new novel “Silentium,” AND it unlocks a cool new emblem “Overachiever.” Enjoy! Halo 4 Rebirth Code – 50,000 XP!

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Halo 4: Specialization Mods + Unlocks

In Episode 4 of Breaking Halo 4, we explore Specializations in extreme detail. How much XP does each Specialization require? Which emblems, weapon skins, tactical packages, and support upgrades does each class unlock? In what order are armor, visor colors and armor skins unlocked? Which mods from Wetwork, Pioneer, Operator, Pathfinder, Engineer, Tracker, Stalker, and Rogue are useful? When should […]

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Halo 4 Secret LASO Code – 50,000 XP!

Looks like we’re not done with Halo 4 Codes just yet! The new secret LASO code unlocks 50,000 XP and a sweet LASO emblem that mimics the Legendary Campaign icon. The catch: you must complete the Halo 4 Campaign on LASO difficulty (Legendary All Skulls On) to use the code! I’ll have some speedrun guides up in the coming weeks. […]

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Halo 4 Secret 2-Dot Code!

The 2-Dot secret Waypoint code in Halo 4 unlocks 2500 XP, Raider DSTT Right and Left Shoulders, the “On Your Shield” emblem, and gorgeous Spartan Ops Concept Art. It requires completing Spartan Ops Episodes 1-3, or Chapters 1-15, on Legendary (solo or co-op) Halo 4 Secret 2-Dot Code!