Master Chief’s Gonna Rip Your Heart Out!

happened to find a very interesting video involving skyrim and master chief watch lol and enjoy
start the video at 4:10

Master Chief’s Gonna Rip Your Heart Out!

Halo 4: Specialization Mods + Unlocks

In Episode 4 of Breaking Halo 4, we explore Specializations in extreme detail. How much XP does each Specialization require? Which emblems, weapon skins, tactical packages, and support upgrades does each class unlock? In what order are armor, visor colors and armor skins unlocked? Which mods from Wetwork, Pioneer, Operator, Pathfinder, Engineer, Tracker, Stalker, and Rogue are useful? When should you use Stealth, Gunner, Stability, Requisition, Wheelmen, Fast Track, Drop Recon and Nemesis?

Halo 4: Specialization Mods + Unlocks