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In this parody animation of the hugely successful multiplayer game, Master Chief awakens from his four-year slumber. With Cortana’s help, our hero must confront his own personal, financial apocalypse. The lesson – don’t mess with MC’s nest egg! HALO 401K

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Double XP Master Chief and Cortana

As of 11/04/12 I finally drank the last mountain dew required to give me 200 matches of double XP. Then the question loomed what do I do with all these caps? The answer 8 bit Cap art!! I had 64 mountain dew caps, 2 empty bags of doritos and a blank 16×20 canvas. I chose to go with the Halo 2600 version of master chief and cortana for this project. Below is the results of my labor enjoy (squint eyes and use imagination to see chief and cortana) full size close up top close up bottom

Haloside 0

Haloside 100

so yeah this is the last Haloside, thanks for coming back each Sunday and reading this series. new comics will start on may 20th starting with GABIE #1 🙂