MEGA Bloks UNSC Quad Walker Video

Build the universe with the UNSC Quad Walker by Mega Bloks Halo! The UNSC Quad Walker is a highly advanced prototype all-terrain walker based loosely on a number of Covenant models, including the T-30 Locust. Deployed from space much like a drop pod, the vehicle’s short-range boosters unfold upon entry, effectively becoming its four fully-articulable legs. The walker’s primary weapons are two high-mounted plasma cannons, similar to the Covenant’s Shade turret.

The UNSC Quad Walker set from the ONI REAP-X Mega Bloks line includes:

• Buildable ONI REAP-X Walker with unique deployment feature
• UNSC Soldier: Blue Spartan Recon with red visor
• Covenant Soldier: Amber Storm Elite
• Weapons: Incineration Canon, Storm Rifle

MEGA Bloks UNSC Quad Walker Video

Making of a Halo figure

Find out how McFarlane Toys makes your favorite Halo action figures! From 3D model to 6″ action figure, every step is challenging but worth the effort when we etch in every detail into a perfect replica of your favorite Spartan or Covenant Elite!