MEGA Bloks UNSC Quad Walker Video

Build the universe with the UNSC Quad Walker by Mega Bloks Halo! The UNSC Quad Walker is a highly advanced prototype all-terrain walker based loosely on a number of Covenant models, including the T-30 Locust. Deployed from space much like a drop pod, the vehicle’s short-range boosters unfold upon entry, effectively becoming its four fully-articulable legs. The walker’s primary weapons are two high-mounted plasma cannons, similar to the Covenant’s Shade turret.

The UNSC Quad Walker set from the ONI REAP-X Mega Bloks line includes:

• Buildable ONI REAP-X Walker with unique deployment feature
• UNSC Soldier: Blue Spartan Recon with red visor
• Covenant Soldier: Amber Storm Elite
• Weapons: Incineration Canon, Storm Rifle

MEGA Bloks UNSC Quad Walker Video

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