Double XP Master Chief and Cortana

As of 11/04/12 I finally drank the last mountain dew required to give me 200 matches of double XP. Then the question loomed what do I do with all these caps? The answer 8 bit Cap art!! I had 64 mountain dew caps, 2 empty bags of doritos and a blank 16×20 canvas. I chose to go with the Halo 2600 version of master chief and cortana for this project. Below is the results of my labor enjoy (squint eyes and use imagination to see chief and cortana)
full size
cap chief 1
close up top
cap chief 2
close up bottom
cap chief 3

HALO 2600

halo 2600

Soooo yeeeah you probably saw this on yahoo or some other site just like i did looked at the pics said hey this looks cool chuckled to yourself about it and that was that. so i just took the time to play the game and wow it was fun if this game had actually existed back in the 80’s when i was playing my actual Atari 2600 i probably would of never got a nes to play mario lmao! but seriously go to the site and check it out

BONUS! Want to use your Windows-compatible USB game controller with Halo 2600 then go here halo 2600 controller zip

playing halo 2600 with a xbox 360 controller just adds to the fun