Halo 4 Double XP Drop

If you still need some double xp here is your chance to get some
no gimmicks just copy and paste to your hearts content 🙂

* if a code does not work means someone got it before you*

scvnc 3nlv6
brwcm mbwrl
p976a z9p7a
ellzw wn6eb
lncs9 lzfps
azx3h e3aep
fhhbv 39fh7
7xhzc nrhnw
f6zr3 pec9h
psebc zsbya
bzbwb shkns
fxvay lmm76
ercas 7perz
rkspw a797m
3pweh ma6sn
z7kme sv79k
bb3af kz3cm
3wah7 wk97a
7f3pa eyn3f
bwlfv yn6wx
kn9h3 lffcv
balml c7mvm
lf7pf h6cb6
h66xv 7xvnx
xabaz zsrrp
bbm7c ef6p6
effkc 3z66f
lbrws sfvh9
h3fyy vyyk3
ffsbw hvpzk
avphy wsm97
l3xvs vvycn
33ewr f6vbw
sfhka wpsn3
sa7me wcrhe
kx6zw bkhvb
hxk77 hpv97
cw9s3 zlswn
vpfcc efnbk
r9wmm zv7pz
6m7x7 hhcnc
a3m97 rphcb
3pfy7 66v6k
c9zkc zp7la
aepnn pf396
7b73a mkmv3
bevme ymbxs
9nncc bbhws
lhycc hsm9r
bwc7w wbmv7
clcrm 9hfsm
7mlk7 vancn
bhmwm vexk7
9whne zphzr
kny9w bnhz9
w9n93 rnmew
p7n3r 3yw3a
6fbxv ycasm
7flhl yvy9x
93zam sxwh6
hrsm7 k7z6c
fabah bnmen
e6x97 erynr
w7naf x6x6p
b66la ml9sy
nnxsp waxaf
ccfhm np6wh
ba9y9 sc7r9
fszfw awrk3
a9h9z 37fws
lweys lf7f7
b7pxw l3ef9
vfszh ynrhx
3zz7f m7be6
vxhen srnms
cm3bz van3b
lr7er vnp9x
h6w9e kwkls
l9laa cbccm
fssxc 6fpfs
crcay aweel
vhrmk 7rnew
6pvpf p3m66
nv3mw relah
fl9pw pflw3
lclxc phlac
fmwre 9nmmf
7bfcb ccfre
cmnm6 6mfsy
v96pa mew7a
bcnva kmywa
6fnrh v6yhl
swmvs 3kay7
w7fna 9zypy

Double XP Master Chief and Cortana

As of 11/04/12 I finally drank the last mountain dew required to give me 200 matches of double XP. Then the question loomed what do I do with all these caps? The answer 8 bit Cap art!! I had 64 mountain dew caps, 2 empty bags of doritos and a blank 16×20 canvas. I chose to go with the Halo 2600 version of master chief and cortana for this project. Below is the results of my labor enjoy (squint eyes and use imagination to see chief and cortana)
full size
cap chief 1
close up top
cap chief 2
close up bottom
cap chief 3