Interrogation of Slashprofilms

The Interrogations


Brandon Gilbert, Creator of Slashprofilms and Slash Productions,


Partner in Crime Mario Santantonio…AKA: THE RED GUY

Well, people after a careful skewering, a few days on the rack, and one intense moment, (that involved the threatened use of hot coals) we finally have it. Our very first confessions… Alright, so we’re exaggerating, slightly. Who knew all it would take was pulling out a pair of rusty pliers to convince Brandon to talk? And the other one, ha! Don’t get me started… I know; you’re probably sitting there right now, thinking, what did they do to those poor guys? Nothing! I’m serious! We just asked a few questions. Huh, still don’t believe us do you? Just look for yourself… Well, LOOK!!

And FYI so no one is confused as to which Heretic gave the responses:

B is for Brandon

M is for Mario

*End Note at the bottom

Let’s begin!

1. Ok, guys can you please tell us a little bit about yourselves for instance- age, hobbies etc….?
B: I’m 19, my hobbies are Film making, singing/playing guitar, and going to the gym.
M: I’m 18 and my hobbies are film making, doing vocals/playing guitar, and playing games on my computer

2. When did you first start playing Halo?
B: I believe a couple weeks after it was released
M: I started playing halo when halo 3 came out

3. Of all the Halo series games, do you have a favorite, which one and why?
B: My favorite Halo, out of the game series, would have to be the first, because I felt there was more effort put into the story and how the game was designed.
M: My favorite would have to be Halo 3 just because it was the first halo game that I played regularly

4. What are your favorite UNSC and Covenant weapons to use?
B: Sniper, Sword
M: Spartan Laser, Beam Rifle

5. Do you have a preference for any multiplayer game types?
B: Big Team Battle without a doubt
M: Team Doubles just because of how competitive it was

6. Brandon, we noticed that you were able to achieve Recon armor in Halo3, how long did that take you?
B: Forever because I never play the game unless I’m filming
M: I don’t have recon armor 😦

7. How much Halo do you play on a daily basis not counting theater mode?
B: Once every new moon
M: Not often

8. What do you think of the new forge mode in reach? And will it play a part in future episodes?
B&M: It could if it is updated on the new and older maps. Forge mode had kind of a down grade in Reach as far as I’m concerned. The only map that has a lot of options is ForgeWorld, which makes us very limited to what we can do for videos

9. Is there anything you wish Halo had that it does not?
B: Elemental features, I have always wanted to be able to place rain or snow in ForgeWorld for all the maps in Halo and it never happened.
M: The ability to spawn clones of Spartans or Elites so that way we wouldn’t have to have a controller plugged in for a guy to just stand there in some scenes. It would be much faster if we could just spawn a Spartan or Elite to not move.

10. When did you first become interested in Machinima? Anything you credit for providing inspiration?
B: When I saw Red Vs Blue that first got me into the idea of making videos with Halo
M: I would have to say Red Vs Blue got me into making Machinima as well

11. How long have you two been making Halo Machinima?
B&M: Almost three years now

12. Is there a specific storyboarding process that you use when making your Machinima or do you sometimes just wing it?
B: We just about ad lib the entire thing unless it’s a big project. There we tend to write a plot and have a background story, but for our short comedies we just go with whatever comes to us.
M: Most of the ideas we have come from us just talking about different things and if what we are talking about makes us laugh enough then we usually end up making it into a video. When it is not a comedy video, though, it is almost always written down.

13. From start to finish on average how long does it take to make one episode?
B&M: If it is TYDSOH (Things You Don’t See On Halo) It would take us a day to two days. If it’s an action series or something more serious it could take weeks.

14. How many people are involved in the making of one episode?
B&M: Just us two.

15. Do you guys have any favorite Machinima episodes, which ones, and why?
B: Season 2 Episode 4 of TYDSOH because of the fart jokes and the constant SpongeBob references, Good bye Red Guy because of the whole scenario, Halo 3: Parasite because it was our first horror film that we ever made and came out much better than we planned.

M: The Jaws Parody would have to be my favorite. That video has always made me laugh no matter how many times I have watched it.

16. Which Machinima has been the hardest for you to make and why?
B&M: The Lost Spartan because it took so long for us to do and finish.

17. How many Machinima have you made so far?
B&M: 59 videos in all

18. Where did the idea for Things You Don’t See on Halo come from?
B: Well at first when I had the idea it was going to be about glitches and things that just shouldn’t have happened in any of the halo games. But I couldn’t do any of them so I decided to make random situations and scenarios that I thought were or would be funny to others.
M: It was Brandon ‘s idea, but I started helping him with it after he made the first couple episodes.

19. Where did the idea for Brandon and The red guy come from?
B: It came from all of the funniest situations that have happened to us when we would hang out together.
M: It was Brandon ‘s idea

20. Will these series be continued on the new Youtube channel (Slashprofilms)?
B: As far as Brandon & The Red Guy goes, yes, that will be continued, but not for awhile. TYDSOH will not be because that was one of our original series and we did many episodes and we feel it is getting old and will start to get repetitive very quickly
M: Brandon & The Red Guy is a series that didn’t get enough of a chance to become a full series and I definitely want to continue it. TYDSOH is a series that has been around for awhile and has had enough time to become a full series. Brandon and I both agree on the decision to not continue TYDSOH

21. Will you continue to use short jokes as your general format or will you be making more Machinima with longer story lines?
B: We are both older now so our humor has become a little more mature and, as far as, short jokes; the only thing that may be short is one liners. We will be shooting for longer videos and a more developed series of Machinima instead of just random things that pop into our heads at the time.
M: We have always wanted to make videos that were longer, but when we would put all the material we had into the video it would always come up to be much shorter than expected. We are going to be trying to make longer videos depending on what the video is. The Parodies will probably remain the shortest videos that our channel is going to have. With our Action Series, we’re going to make sure that they are a good length.

22. So we did some digging and noticed that you have an abandoned website (, do you have any future plans for it or will you stick to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter?
B: We are sticking with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter because it is more efficient and more connected socially with the fans. It’s also a much better and easier way of getting information out to everyone that watches our videos
M: Using Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter makes it much easier for us to keep in contact with our fans. I like to update Twitter a lot and I would really hope that more people start to follow us on Twitter because it’s very easy for me and Brandon to keep adding new information on what’s going on with the channel. Facebook is good for just chatting with the fans in general because everyone is welcome to ask their questions on there and we like hearing what you guys have to ask us.

23. Any new parody or series in mind that you wish to share with the rest of us?
B: One spoiler I will give is that we will be doing a remake of Lost Spartan, it will be in Reach and the story will be much more developed and in depth, better dialogue, action scenes, and will be better choreographed and longer than the original.
M: For a Parody spoiler I would have to say that I am very excited to be making The Predator Parody because we had originally wanted to make that a long time ago, but we just never did.

*End Note: The interrogators of this interview, Massaikur and PAraNoia817, are not sadistic people and we do not torture our interviewees (much)…Okay, in all seriousness. Brandon and Mario, Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us and letting us share it with both our own fans, as well as, yours. Best of Luck to the both of you!

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