2 years and still here :]

Look at that made a fancy title and took a total brain fart about what I was going to write lol……….


this lil’ blog of mine has in fact been around for 2 years kinda of amazing I would say 🙂 So I will use this time to update you people find it in your heart to keep coming back each week to look at the stuff I post.

first of as of right now Haloside will be stopping at 100 BUT don’t worry it’s not a bad thing my goal was to make a 100 and I’m proud that I have. A new comic will be taking it’s Sunday spot
(drum roll) GABIE!! now some of you will recognize name as it was a short lived comic on hawtymcbloggy under the name GABI as you can tell I have added an E. GABI it self stands for grin and bear it which was very funny pun filled comic about lil’ spartans with no arms by Luke Matthews. I have picked up this torch and plan on continuing this comic under the new name GABIE – grin and bear it evolved (see what I did there) the weekly offerings will be a mix of standard comics and motion comics so look forward to seeing those in the future.

Haloshots is on hiatus right do to the fact there is nowhere to get fileshare pics I’m waiting on you 343 :p

NOVA is still in production moving slowly but not stopping but if you would like to nag greg (the guy drawing it) get at him on twitter to draw pics at a faster pace 🙂

SPARTAN-MAN is in production and that all I’m saying about that :3

far as machinima goes you will start seeing new offerings from me probably early next month so hold tight and prepare to laugh 😀

let me say this first whoever said people don’t like reading any more is dead wrong!! everyone seems to love these interviews now with that being said the interviews are not monthly due to the fact a lot of people I ask to interview either tell me no or don’t return emails….. so if you know of someone in the halo community doing great things with halo get at me and I’ll interrogate them 🙂

I will be showcasing new forge stuff soon just not sure how your going to download it :/

as you can tell I have trying to get more content created by other people so if you have something halo you would like to share get at me either on twitter or on the facebook fan page and if I like it I will post it

PAXEAST 2013 I will be there, I couldn’t make it this year which sucked. Anyways if you like the site and want to meet the man behind the blog then lets make it happen!!

thanks again!!

500th post and free DLC!!!

So this blog has been around long enough to make it this far and I am celebrating with some free DLC so look below and try to figure out the questions/challenges 🙂
*the dlc only works in the U.S. sorry to my readers from other parts of the world 😦

For an Anniversary Avatar T-shirt the question is, which WWE wrestler is fighting the undertaker at wrestlemania this year?

For a Halo Flood Pet Prop the question is, what letter are all these words missing? – ?og, ?uck, ?umb, ?uff

For a Blue Avatar Helmet put these numbers in the right order 2,2,3,3,4 to get the dlc!!

For a Halo: Anniversary Theme your gunna have to do some math to get these numbers :p 3+3=?, 8×8=??, 1+1=?, 10-3=?, 72-69=?

speacial Thank you to petetheduck and bs angel for the dlc