500th post and free DLC!!!

So this blog has been around long enough to make it this far and I am celebrating with some free DLC so look below and try to figure out the questions/challenges 🙂
*the dlc only works in the U.S. sorry to my readers from other parts of the world 😦

For an Anniversary Avatar T-shirt the question is, which WWE wrestler is fighting the undertaker at wrestlemania this year?

For a Halo Flood Pet Prop the question is, what letter are all these words missing? – ?og, ?uck, ?umb, ?uff

For a Blue Avatar Helmet put these numbers in the right order 2,2,3,3,4 to get the dlc!!

For a Halo: Anniversary Theme your gunna have to do some math to get these numbers :p 3+3=?, 8×8=??, 1+1=?, 10-3=?, 72-69=?

speacial Thank you to petetheduck and bs angel for the dlc

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