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Respawn : the Series – Trailer

Introducing the live action Halo Web Series: Respawn! A comedic look into the fantastic world behind the fantastic world of Halo. Where in between the time of death and reanimation spartans gather together in the break room and talk about… pretty much anything you can imagine… Respawn : the Series – Trailer

Machinima 2

Playtime By CruelLEGACEY

Playtime a new machinima miniseries by CruelLEGACEY this the first episode watch, laugh and enjoy 🙂 for more information check out OH WAIT BUT THERE IS MORE!! you can also head on over to Halowaypoint and see a special behind scenes feature for playtime as well 🙂

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New Header!!

just made a new header hope you like it 🙂 if you want the actual pic go here header pic playing reach and loving it!! -MASSAIKUR P.S. might have to make a monthly contest out of this….