Halo Respawn : Episode 1

Newb in a frantic attempt to kill and not be killed finds himself spiraling into some unknown interdimensional halfway point between life and rebirth – In other words the “break room” in between the time time you die and come back where Halo Spartans go to socialize when not hard at work. There he meets Otto and Ted who break the news of the truth to him in this ode to the ’90’s sitcom netherworld.

Halo Respawn : Episode 1

Respawn : the Series – Trailer

Introducing the live action Halo Web Series: Respawn! A comedic look into the fantastic world behind the fantastic world of Halo. Where in between the time of death and reanimation spartans gather together in the break room and talk about… pretty much anything you can imagine…

Respawn : the Series – Trailer