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Machinima 0

The End of Days Ep. 1

After an all out nuclear war, the radiation the bombs created turned the average human into a flesh eating mutant. Nobody really knows what’s going on yet, it’s only been a few months since it happened. Follow Nick on his journey through the post-apoctalyptic world where it takes the toughest decisions to survive. The End of Days Ep. 1

comedy 0

SPFT – Episode Z

LJ IS BACK AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!! AND HE HAS A SHOTGUN!!!!!!! After an undead horde of sock puppet zombies wreaks havoc on the studio, LJ decides to play hell’s janitor cause we all know Marty won’t (he was in the bathroom crying) enjoy watching LJ play hobo with a shotgun 🙂 want more LJ visit the youtube channel you can also follow LJ too!!!!/SPFTMouth