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Tag: sock puppet forge tips

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SPFT – Episode Z

LJ IS BACK AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!! AND HE HAS A SHOTGUN!!!!!!! After an undead horde of sock puppet zombies wreaks havoc on the studio, LJ decides to play hell’s janitor cause we all know Marty won’t (he was in the bathroom crying) enjoy watching LJ play hobo with a shotgun 🙂 want more LJ visit the youtube channel you can also follow LJ too!!!!/SPFTMouth

Haloside 0

Haloside 054

it’s early?? yeah I know but it’s a special guest comic so just smile and deal with it and enjoy the hand drawn goodness 🙂 this comic was made by Shacker I did help help him with the SFX and word bubbles, he is also LJ’s daddy a cool sock puppet spartan who gives out free forge tips on youtube