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Halo: Reach launch festivities

First off you should prepare for a week long program of Halo downloads, LIVE competitions and special offers running 7-21 September. Among the exciting opportunities for all Halo fans is that Halo Legends will be 50% the usual price to Download to Own from 7-21 September. This stunning collection of seven animated movies gives the perfect background to the Halo […]

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deja view?

bungie just released this vid a couple a days ago, it shows that reach will have blood gulch AND they show of a new armor ability too it’s awesome!

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Reach beta reveiw

So i have played about 200 some games of the halo reach beta and this what i think. The beta was awesome i really enjoyed playing halo again. The graphics were a much needed upgrade from halo 3. The new weapons and abilities just make multiplayer even more fun to play. The new game types like invasion, generator defense and […]

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The Halo Side

Beginning may 8th i will be posting a machcomica that i have been working on called the Halo Side. Still have not decided if it will be a weekly or bi-weekly machcomica.