Halo Infinite box art a grapple hook? to the past..

Hey it’s been awhile…. THreeeeeish years you could say, been playing alot of destiny…. alot.

time flies when you are having fun XD



The Halo Infinite box art was shown off today! Just in time to increase the hype level of tomorrows game play reveal, at the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase, which kicks off at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET. Expect to see the first-ever campaign footage of 343’s new game.

Now on to the box art.


does it look familiar??…… because it should


Soooo is that a grappling hook on Chief’s right fore arm?

here is a closer look

grappling hook

it sure does look like one? In Doom Eternal, doom guy got a grappling hook… might as well get on the bandwagon. green armor… check¬† grappling hook… check

I Wonder if this means there will not be any sprinting in this game? and this is how you can move faster in PvE and …. PvP content… huh… I would not mind that at all

Ok on to another close up

the visor


is this a preview of the boss/main villain of the campaign?  who knows just pointing it out.

hopefully tomorrow we learn more about all these teasers

until next time

smile and deal with it


Halo: Reach launch festivities

First off you should prepare for a week long program of Halo downloads, LIVE competitions and special offers running 7-21 September. Among the exciting opportunities for all Halo fans is that Halo Legends will be 50% the usual price to Download to Own from 7-21 September. This stunning collection of seven animated movies gives the perfect background to the Halo universe as we prepare for Halo: Reach. You can own Halo Legends in Standard or High Definition. Buy it now from Xbox LIVE Marketplace and you can watch it later again and again. The party continues with the following dates for your diary:

7 September – Day 7: “Halo: Reach Premium Theme”
8 September – Day 6: “Campaign Preview”
9 September – Day 5: “50% off Avatar Warthog Prop Offer”
10 September – Day 4: “Firefight Preview”
11 September – Day 3: “Deliver Hope – Director’s Cut”
12 September – Day 2: “Multiplayer Preview”
13 September – Day 1: “Halo: Reach Collection Update (Avatar)”

Sign in to Xbox LIVE on these days to view the fresh new content including the awe inspiring full length edit of Deliver Hope this Saturday.

Next, after securing your place on Noble Team with a copy of the game, it’s officially Halo: Reach “Invasion Week” on Xbox LIVE. Six days of online activities not to be missed by any Halo fan. Between 14-19 September you can look forward to…

A free Halo: Reach Invasion Theme for your Xbox 360 dashboard, just connect to Xbox LIVE and download it while you can!

Chance to play against Bungie themselves! The guys that made Halo: Reach will be playing against you, the fans, at set times during the week.

We’re also throwing open all the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold membership to our Silver subscribers for the weekend of 17-20 September.