Halo Reach: Armor Locked

Halo Reach: Armor Locked
by Scott Beard

Armor Lock. Everyone knows it is only used by the pros. But what happens when one’s desire for personal glory and gain causes you to abandon all that you know and love?

Like most of my ideas, the original idea for this movie started off as a comedy, but eventually, through the course of artistic progression, it became more story-driven and I felt the urge to complete it as a legitimate narrative instead of just random humor.

Now, about my experience(s) playing Halo: Reach……I HATE PEOPLE WHO SPAM ARMOR LOCK! (Hence, this movie) Its not fun for anyone else, it ruins the gameplay experience, and everyone hates you. Learn to play is basically all I have to say to armor lock users. I understand why people use it, and what the concept is behind it, but there is a fine line between casual and exclusive use of the ability. (I know its a legit strategy, but RARELY is it used as said legit strategy.) I understand the game, and understand each ability’s pros and cons, however, I feel armor lock is purely for players scared of combat, but when used correctly, I give props where they are due.

stay tuned till the end… (THE STORY CONTINUES AFTER THE CREDITS)

can also be seen on www.newgrounds.com

Halo 3 2: Halo 4 The Movie

this is one of my all time favorite flash movies ever about halo, I was lucky enough to find it on youtube. movie was made by RoyceBiggins and originally I found this flash on http://www.newgrounds.com/


The saga continues with the heroes of Halo-verse! The forces of evil have amassed against Master Chief and the Arbiter, and they must fight along side Earth’s mightiest gamers if they are to survive. With the fate of Halo-verse resting in the balance, uncertainty hangs like a veil of doubt over this motley crew. Will they be victorious? Watch and find out!