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Forging Ahead – Halo 5: Guardians ViDoc

343 Industries documents the process of building the next evolution of Forge in Halo 5: Guardians with five skilled and specially selected community cartographers. From grouping to multi-select and 1700+ objects to lighting and colors, you’re sure to be impressed by this new and overwhelming effort: Cartographer’s Gift.   Forging Ahead – Halo 5: Guardians ViDoc

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Medusa: Powers of Arcane

Medusa is a powerful empire. The war is over…partly because of Benjamin Jones. He has helped keep Medusa safe with his inventions, and these inventions have protected all of the galaxy for years. Now, he wants to push the boundaries. He wants to go further. He wants to master the Powers of Arcane.   Medusa: Powers of Arcane

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The Traitor

Calvin and his Companion Alex, destroy a rig that turns out to be a cyborg factory that the military is building for their army. Alex is killed in the process while Calvin is accused of being a traitor and watches his friend die at his feet in joy.   The Traitor

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Halo 5 Opening Cinematic

Halo 5 Opening Cinematic. Watch Spartan Locke and the rest of Fireteam Osiris in the worldwide unveiling of the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians. In the cinematic, the group receives UNSC orders to recover a high value target and deploy to take on Covenant and Promethean forces in a fierce action sequence – the start to the most ambitious, […]

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Halo Spartan Strike Announce Trailer

Halo: Spartan Strike makes you a new Spartan recruit battling evil forces in a touch-based top-down shooter Windows 8/8.1, Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Steam. Be the Spartan and deny your foes the conquest of Earth. Encounter Promethean and Covenant enemies as you battle through cities and far away jungles in the Halo universe. Halo Spartan Strike Announce Trailer

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo 3 Campaign Sneak Peek

Executive Producer Dan Ayoub discusses the improvements to the graphics in Halo 3 and Halo 4 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and how 1080p and 60 frames-per-second make the level environment more vibrant than the original. In stores and available online this November, Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo […]