Arby n’ The Chief #1 Jeux de mot

Arby n’ The Chief #1 Jeux de mot by seg0lene

Translation below if needed:]

-Arbiter, since the time we now know I noticed something.
-What, Spartan?
-What’s your name?
-You do not know my name John?

-I do not know whether it is wise that I finally say …
-Why? It annoys me, really. I thought we were friends and war comrades, brothers.
-That’s right.
-And you do not want to tell me your Sangheili name?
-I always avoided to say it face to humans.

-To avoid doubtful game words …
-Haha! But this is ridiculous.
-All the same, especially with me: as if I was fond of humor.
-This is not wrong. And then after all that has been through together, I can trust you.
-Thank you, I’m flattered.

-My name is Thel ‘Vadam.
-Thel ‘Vadam, it’s pretty nice.
-Thank you.

-Pff Pfff Pffff

-Hey Arbiter, do you pass me your phone number? Wait I’ll call you: Hello!

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