Happy 343 day!!!!

In celebration of this glorious day over at halowaypoint they are celebrating this day with a 34,300 cR Custom Challenge you should go and check that out noaz!!!

we here at smile and deal with it are celebrating with avatar codes!! get’em while you can :]
each code is missing a number or three, below you see the code and a question to answer

Master Chief Avatar Armor (Male)
22gdg-yq99w-6bqf?-j3hcp-3c22t — what is Bungie’s favorite number?

Master Chief Avatar Armor (female)
c8cdd-hx9m?-2?bgc-vfhdd-f?gw4 — which microsoft company is making halo 4?

Happy 343 day!!!!

*if you get the code please leave a comment 🙂
*female code has been fixed– 12/10/11

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